There are many documents that a referee should read and be familiar with. These documents start with FIFA and trickle down to the various Federation, National, and State associations. Listed below are many of the documents that US referees should read and understand. The year of publicaition is listed with each document. This is not an official site, and you should always verify that the information here is the latest and greatest.


These are documents published by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Position papers are occasionally published by USSF to clarify official US interpretations of the Laws. There are currently over 60 USSF position papers. Here is a zip file of all the papers up through 2007. Check the posts for position papers that have been released in 2008.


FIFA updates the Laws of the Game (LOTG) almost every year, and this is the source of all the soccer laws. Along with the Laws, FIFA publishes a Questions and Answers document, which presents many situations and official interpretations of the laws. Referees in the US should use the US Version of the Laws.

Scoring Sheet

This is a scoring pad sheet (some call it a report form) that I find quite handy. Feel free to download it and use it yourself. When printing, be sure to set the page scaling to none.

Score Sheet

The sheet is pretty basic. Fill in as much as you can before the coin toss. Once that is done, mark which team has the kickoff in the first half. Then what I do is always face the field from the benches, and circle which direction the kick is going.

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